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amy yasbeck

Born: 12 September 1962, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (age 44)
Birth Name: Amy Marie Yasbeck
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Credited Years: 1986 - 2006
Profession: Actress / Self
Known for: The Mask / Pretty Woman / Robin Hood: Men in Tights

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As always, a number of the situations have been inspired by free webcam animal sex video of the small band of authors whose work I immensely admire, and to whose high standards I aspire. I have attempted to occasionally incorporate a flavour of their imagination in this new story, in tribute to them. Without their inspiration, I would not be writing.


Peggy and Venus...

Peggy headed for her usual late afternoon session in the hotel gym, stopping by the tiny tinted window office in the corner to exchange pleasantries with Helena before continued on her way. When the brunette had left for the changing rooms, Helena gracefully picked up the internal telephone and smiled to herself as she called Venus.

Peggy was on the treadmill when Venus arrived. The black girl looked sensational, Peggy thought, in julianne moore nude sex scene of figure hugging black shorts and matching sports bra. frida sex scene certainly did have a sensational body. Unknown to Peggy, Helena had begun to turn away the odd guest wanting to use the facilities, explaining they had a small problem but would re-open in an hour. That would be long enough, she knew, for Venus to test Peggy's resolve.

Peggy greeted Venus when she arrived but kept running, having just begun the fifteen minute run with which she ended every session. Glancing across, she saw that Venus was now on the treadmill next to her and she watched as the attractive young woman sexy bollywood video her eyes across Peggy's body, clearly admiring her slightly sweating form. This girl had a way of free japan sex movie her tingle, Peggy knew, and felt the current of electricity run through her bouncing body.

"I didn't know you used the free mature sex video Peggy called over, her voice vibrating slightly as she ran.

"Every day," responded a more composed Venus. "Just not at this time."

She smiled, her eyes dropping to Peggy's bouncing breasts. Peggy felt the surge inside her again.

"But I had a spare twenty minutes," Venus continued. "So I thought I'd have a quick run."

Peggy nodded, returning the smile.
"Truth be known, Peggy," the gently running girl said, "and sex video in free don't repeat this...."

Peggy smiled, wondering what was coming next.

"It seems a while since I had sex," she lied, "And when I take exercise it helps relieve the sexual tension for a little while...."

Venus smiled to herself mature lesbian sex movies she watched Peggy blush a little. Haven't had sex since your husband made me cum three times, she thought.

Peggy felt the pace of her breathing increase, and not simply from the exercise. sex videos of celebrities had hoped that Loncraine would have asked to see her today and was disappointed he had not. As a result, the ever present feeling of arousal inside her since their first encounter was continuing to burn brightly.

"Mind you, Peggy" Venus began again. "Seeing you in that outfit doesn't help... you look really hot, baby."

Peggy's blush deepened. There had been a couple of occasions when she had wondered if Loncraine's attractive daughter was coming on to her. She felt movies free sex of excitement and hoped her hard nipples were not too obvious through her thin t-shirt.

"Thank you, Venus," she mumbled, not sure how to reply. "If only I had a body like you..."

Venus narrowed her eyes as the raven haired woman nervously smiled at her. There was no doubt there were some sexual vibes filling the air. Time to increase the pressure, she thought.

"That's quite a compliment, Peggy. You like my body?"

The attractive wife stammered. sex educational video er, no... I mean, yes."

God, Loncraine's daughter had her stumbling over her words like a schoolgirl and the arousal in her body had jumped up a couple of levels. This was nonsensical, she thought. This was another woman!

"Good," she heard Venus free sex video site reply. "I think yours is hot, too!"

Peggy felt her heart thumping in her chest. She looked at Venus through the mirror on the wall in front of them and saw that the attractive girl was smiling at her. But there was also a look of something else in those soft, brown eyes. Attraction? Arousal? She slid her gaze away, looking at her own running form and realised that if her nipples were not on display before, they certainly were now. If Loncraine did not ask to see her, perhaps she would have to pay him a visit, she thought.

Fortunately the treadmill ground to a stop and Peggy was saved further embarrassment. She could feel the warm moistness between her legs and thought that she might need to take care of herself whilst in the shower.

"Well, I'm finished I guess," she murmured, nervously smiling across at Venus. "It's time for a shower before I return to the sun."

"Good idea," Venus responded. "I'll join you in a moment or two..."

Join me, Peggy wondered? What did that mean? The image of the two of them showering beside one another flashed through her mind and a mental picture of the young girl's naked, ebony body appeared in front of her eyes. This was too much, she thought, telling herself to pull herself together.


Babs and Sonia...

Sonia wondered what was going on. Barry and Simon had been quiet all day, almost as if they had something on their minds. There had been none of the usual high spirits they both usually indulged in and even Leo had been quiet. And then there was Lisa, who since lunchtime had gone into her shell and seemed content to sit quietly. Both Babs and Sonia had asked if anything was the matter but she had just shaken her head and looked as if she was about to burst into tears.

And then Babs had disappeared for around half an hour. Her pink haired lover had made a point of staying continually by her side since their first liaison and now she had gone off somewhere on her own. Sonia had just whispered to Babs how horny she was feeling and that was that. Off she had gone. It seemed that something wasn't quite right and Sonia was feeling a little confused as to what was affecting everyone. So it came as some relief to see Babs return.

She had put on pair of shorts over her bikini bottoms and waved at the others.

"See you later guys. video streaming sex and I will be back in an hour."

Sonia stared at her friend, who inclined her head as an indication that Sonia should follow her.

"Okay... see you soon," Sonia mumbled.

She scrambled to her feet to follow Babs, who had already set off around the side of the hotel. Running, she caught up with her friend.

"What's happening?" she asked.

"You said you were horny," Babs responded, glancing at her red haired friend. "It's too dangerous around here, particularly with what's going on with paris hiltons sex videos men. So I had an idea."

Sonia stared at her. The woman never ceased to amaze her.

"Idea? What?"
"We're going for a drive."

Sonia stooped in her tracks, but hurried after Babs when the small woman kept walking.

"Drive! Where?"

"We'll find somewhere," Babs answered.

She stopped beside a small car and held up a pair of keys.

"Loncraine let me borrow one of the hotel's cars," she explained.


Peggy and Venus...

Peggy quickly stripped off her slightly damp gym outfit and hurried to the showers. If she was quick, she would be able to finish before Venus arrived. The bigbrother sex video 2005 of seeing the beautiful young woman's naked body was quite a video games sex but she felt as if video hot sex was a little out of her depth and needed to get back into her comfort zone.
Nevertheless, she knew that her body free sex video paris hilton burning with arousal and although she told herself to wait until she returned to her room to relieve herself, she found that the tiny jets of water running down her cherry-tipped breasts created quite a delicious sensation. As she soaped her aroused body, she found her hands sliding across her small perky bosom, caressing her hard nipples, and causing her sex to moisten even further than it already was.

Unable to prevent herself, her right hand left her breasts and slid back down her stomach, slowly running through her thick, black, heart shaped pubic hair. Glancing around, she adjusted her stance, allowing the water to run directly onto her vulva and she leant back against the shower wall, panting as she slowly stroked her swollen clitoris.

Loncraine was at the front of her mind, but then she found an image of a naked Venus taking over as she her fingers teased her aching nubbin to hardness between her legs. For a few wonderful seconds she imagined it was the young girl's hand and the thought resulted in her moaning denise richards wild things sex scene loud.

"Want me to help?"

Peggy froze when she heard the words and jerked her head towards the door humour sexy video photo gratuit where Venus had quietly slipped inside. She stared at the young girl's naked body, proudly displaying itself to Peggy's wide, aroused eyes.

The girl looked incredible. Peggy could not help but stare at Venus's voluptuous breasts. Her hard, gang rape sex videos brown nipples were provocatively standing to attention and Peggy had never seen a more stimulating sight in her life. Her eyes lowered and took in the diamond stud adoring her belly button and just below the incredibly flat stomach rested her thick, black, sensational looking, pubic hair.

"Like what you see?" the confident, teasing girl asked, her voice a low purr of pleasure.

"Venus, I...." Peggy began.

She was partly embarrassed at being caught masturbating and yet overwhelmed by the vision of erotic beauty confronting her. She pulled her hand away, momentarily hiding it behind her back as if to deny that she had been pleasuring herself.

"Don't be shy," Venus purred. "We all do it when we need to ease the tension."

She stepped across towards Peggy, picking up the showery gel and pouring an excessive amount onto her slim hands.

"Like I said, want me to help, honey?" Venus repeated.

Without awaiting an answer, she held her hands under the principal sex scandal for a moment, the honeyed essence of the gel filling the shower. With agonising slowness, she slowly worked her hands into up a lather, her face lasciviously staring at Peggy's perky bosom, watching as small rivulets of water sensually ran down to drip off of her erect cherry coloured nipples.

Peggy bit her lower ruby lip and softly movies with unsimulated sex scenes when top sex movies hands began to pay special attention to her diamond-hard nipples, the soapy, black fingers gently caressing and pinching. Peggy realised she was moaning continuously, the feeling so sensational that she did not want it to stop. As she closed her eyes, she realised young girl sex movies Venus was no longer washing her breasts but was now deliberately and luxuriously making love to them with her hands.

Her moans become more ragged, Venus now pinching each of her thick asian sex movie free between her thumbs and forefingers. She had never felt such pleasure coming from having her breasts caressed and whether it was simply the feeling of the black girl's touch, or the eroticism of the situation, she knew with a certainty that she was about to climax.
Venus's aroused eyes widened slightly as she saw Peggy's orgasm approach. She had never made another woman cum from just playing with eminem sex scene breasts and she felt her own arousal surge at the realisation. One final pinch was sufficient to take Peggy over the edge, her shuddering body falling against Venus, who slipped her slim hands around the trembling woman's waist to steady her boy sexy video the orgasmic shocks ripped though her body.

"Such a good girl," she whispered into the wet ear video hot and sexy Peggy began to recover. "Ready for another?"

Peggy felt her body jerk again as Venus slipped her sensuous mouth down to her nipples, hungrily sucking the right tip between her lips, her long tongue licking free lesbian sex video clips the sensitive bud before she nipped at it with her sharp teeth. Her left hand continued to hold and knead her left breast, whilst her free hand slipped around Peggy's back, pulling her body forward and holding her against her in an iron free mobile sex video downloads

Peggy arched her back against the sensational mouth, bill o reilly sex scandal transcript the pleasuring girl slip a long, black leg between her own so that her seductress could rotate her hip against the white woman's wet sex. As Venus continued to apply her mouth to Peggy's sensitive breasts, she gently undulated her hip against the soft sex, encouraged by the continuous and growing moans escaping from the lips above her head.

Peggy's hips bucked against the insistently rubbing leg, grinding herself against Venus to achieve maximum satisfaction. Her engorged vulva was pressed against her long leg and she realised that she was thrusting her hips in urgent, circular motions against Venus's thigh. She used white wives sex videos on fire and the sensation created by her pouting labia and the shiny wet bulb of her clitoris gliding deliciously took her to a second, even more powerful, orgasm.

"Such a very good girl," Venus rasped as she again held on to the shuddering woman.

Even as her body ferociously jerked in the black girl's arms, Peggy realised that Venus had brought her one of the most violently powerful gratis manga sex videos she had ever experienced. It began with urgent ripples of pleasure spreading throughout her body until a wave of pleasure seemed to wash over her, the sensations blending and overlapping and leaving her drained in that satisfied way known only to a woman pleasured by another.

"Venus..." Peggy gasped.

The rivulets of water from the shower were continuing to bounce from her body as, still trembling, she realised she was unable to finish her sentence. Her breath was coming in short, rapid gasps as she tried again.


"I know, honey," her black, female lover lovingly whispered.

Venus tucked her hand under Peggy's chin, bring her soft face up to meet her kiss. She heard Charles' wife's contented breaths like the purring of a petted cat as her sensuous mouth brushed against the ruby lips against hers. Venus pressed her ebony breasts into the small, white bosom as her lips parted Peggy's, allowing her long tongue to slither into the accommodating mouth.

Their breaths were warm and soft as their tongues played with one another, until finally Venus pulled her lips away and ran them along Peggy's soft neck.
"Forget my brooke shields sex scene she purred gently into the wet ear. "You need some loving from Venus instead."

Peggy felt her body overwhelmed with a combination of shame and arousal. She instantly wondered how Venus could have known about her and Loncraine, but then immediately dismissed the thought. If her new female lover could pleasure her like this, who cared?


Babs and Sonia...

Babs pulled into a quiet lay-by, just off the side off the road. It was partly sheltered from the passing cars by some thick bushes and she knew that their only problem would be if another car tried to park beside them.

"There's a weird atmosphere today," Sonia softly said.

"That's right, babe," Babs replied, a filipina sex scandal exposed of annoyance in her eyes. "And I'm pretty sure I know what has caused it."

Sonia stared at her and Babs slowly nodded her head.

"Those men have been up to no good," she firmly stated.
Sonia's eyes widened. "No good?"

"That's right. If you ask me, they got laid last night."

Sonia gasped. "That's not possible."

"You are such an innocent," Babs laughed. "I'm telling you! I've seen that look on Barry's face before. He and Simon got laid and from the look on Leo's face, he was involved too."

Sonia just stared at her friend, her gold-flecked eyes half disbelieving and yet it seemed a plausible explanation for their sexy clips state.

"Lisa knows," Babs added. "Have you seen the way she has been so upset this afternoon? Mark my words, she's found out!"

"Should we ask her?" asked Sonia, her eyes lindsay roberts sex scandal photos />
Babs shook her head. "No, she's too upset. I'll drag it out of Barry tonight!"

For a moment, the two women were silent, and then Babs reached out and pulled Sonia across to teen have sex video snaking a hand around her neck.

"Want to fuck me?" she softly whispered.

Before Sonia could reply, Babs pressed her glossy lips against Sonia's soft mouth, purring as Sonia immediately parted her lips and allowed Babs eager tongue inside. Her hands linked behind Sofia's neck as she drew her into a long, slow kiss, provocatively rubbing her plump breasts against Sofia's squirt sex free video as she did so.

Taking hold of Babs bikini top, Sofia yanked the material upwards to expose her full breasts and ran her fingers along the firm flesh, sex streaming video pulling the remarkably high nipples between her thumb and fingers. As she did, Babs groaned into her mouth and Sofia felt her lover's hands move away and work on her shorts.

Babs smiled to herself at the surprise in blogid 515 filipino scandal sex tape for her young friend and having unzipped her shorts, she took hold of Sonia's hand, gently guiding it downwards towards her sex.

"Still feeling horny?" she asked.

"Mmmm, more than ever..."

"That's good babe. Now, you didn't answer. Want to fuck me?"

With that she placed free movie incest sex hand on the dildo between her legs, gently pulling on her friend's lower lip with her teeth as she heard the red head gasp in amazement.

"I wore it for you, babe," she explained. "You said you were horny, now you can do something about it!"


Sonia's heart was almost bursting as she held her breath in delicious anticipation. Babs meanwhile was already pushing her front seat back, making more room.

"Three things," whispered Babs, smiling into her lover's expectant face. "First, get naked."

Sonia's body was ablaze with arousal and as Babs watched from her seat, she unhooked her brassiere and then gently pulled down her bikini bottoms, sliding them off her feet.

"Number Two. Sit on me."
Sonia's eyes widened further, big saucers looking at Babs. However ungainly, she manoeuvred herself across the car from her seat and onto Babs lap.

As she did, Babs slid her hand down Sonia's body, her soft fingers deftly stroking Sonia's rounded pubis, rubbing gently before homing in on the slippery clitoris that was waiting for her. As her thumb began to stimulate the aroused nubbin, she slipped two fingers inside Sonia, and smiled as she heard her moan out loud as her wet body responded to the finger fucking.

"Number Three," whispered Babs, withdrawing her fingers and ever so slowly beginning to lick them. "Put me inside and fuck me."

As she spoke, she free indean sexy video the dildo and gently eased it against Sonia, rubbing it along her vulva and then gently parting her lips. With that, she lay back in the seat and put her hands back behind her head.

"Fuck me, natalie portman sex scene video />
Sonia did not need a second invitation. Resting both hands on the seat beside Babs free rape sex movies she movies about sex herself down on the phallus until she had taken it all inside. She groaned as she did, and then began to rhythmically pump her hips up and down on the shaft. The fact that Babs sat back and made no effort to touch her somehow added more sensuality to hard core sex movies moment free jenna lewis naked on sex video pictures it seemed to Sonia that she was being allowed to deliciously fuck herself.

Her head bounced off the car ceiling as she increased her movements and she threw her head back, closing her eyes in an attempt to maximise the sensations flowing through sexpate She alternated her hip thrusts between taking the phallus deep inside her and rotating herself in small circles, deriving a different but still exquisite sexually charge from each movement.

She was jerked from her trance-like fucking state as she felt Babs mouth taking one of real sex scandal video milky-white breasts in her mouth, sucking the delicious pink nipple deep inside. At the same time, Babs hands slid around onto Sonia's tight, firm buttocks, her fingernails digging into the undulating flesh as her quickly learning lover rocked on her lap.

"That's it, babe," Babs encouraged. "Let yourself go."

Sonia closed her eyes again as she undulated her hips, free sex video post breasts now providing a feast for Babs eager mouth whilst her buttocks were being squeezed as though Babs was testing the quality of a ripe fruit. Gradually her movements became faster and more powerful and her incoherent moans grew louder and louder, building up to a plateau as she felt her orgasm begin deep inside her.